Saturday, July 27, 2013

Después de Dos Semanas...Two Weeks In!

Parque Ecologico with Evelin

Wow, it is hard to believe I have only been here for two weeks--it feels like at least four! 
The classes here are not exactly what I had imagined them to be.  There is not a strict structure, rather they are more in a free-form manner.  I have Grammar Class in the morning and Conversation Class in the afternoon.  Because I am taking communication classes, I do not necessarily have a Grammar review, so the name is misleading.  The number of students in class as well as my teachers change every week, so it is never a routine for me. 
I have been able to go on several excursions so far.  The number one site I usually go to is called El Zocalo, which is in the center of the city.  There, one can find small shops, restaurants, bars, etc--it is essentially a plaza for people to spend time together.  In addition, I have visited Parque Ecologico, Las Barrancas, Teotihuacan, Brady Museum, La Tortuga Cucufata, Plaza Cuernavaca, and saw the movie Pacific Rim in 4D! 
Tomorrow I plan to meet up with some friends to watch the USA vs. Panama CONCACAF soccer game...go USA! Saludos!

First day of class with Jennifer


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